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Inside or Outside Art

Inside or Outside Art

Diver - sculpture

Whether feats of strength or grace or just capturing a quiet moment, our sculptures tell the story of the human condition through raw materials.  The Diver Sculture is crafted from solid cast iron and steel, with a solid black Granite base. The weight of the Granite base gives this piece a great deal of stablility.

Diver Sculpture - 28(11") Long x 20(8") Wide x 120cm(48") High

Inside or Outside Art

Climbing Man - wall mounted

Chic-meets-industrial in this thought-provoking take on wall décor. Crafted in solid cast iron, the climbing man is a reminder of everyday triumphs and represents the rewards of working hard to get to that next level-be it in life, work, or passion. This piece goes beyond the confines of design, and seeks to inspire the viewer, acting as a visual reminder of the challenges life presents and the effort that it takes to overcome them. A signature piece, the Climbing Man has long been a way for our customers to bring something truly meaningful into their home.

Climbing Man - wall - 12.5(5") Wide x 109(43") High x 16cm(6.25") Deep  

Inside or Outside Art

Modern Dancer - wall mounted

A tranquil, graceful wall mounted piece, Modern Dancer is crafted from cast iron and steel.

Modern Dancer - wall - 

Inside or Outside Art

Wall Diver

The strength and grace of the human form is beautifully captured in the iron Wall Diver - floating effortlessly and confidently towards his goal. Cover an entire wall to create a stunning design splash, or purpose a single figure as a holder for jewelry or guest towels. In any environment, the Wall Diver adds a dynamic sculptural element that will always score a perfect ten!

Wall Diver-Nickel - 26(10.25") Wide x 22.5(9") High x 10cm(4") Deep

Inside or Outside Art

Gymnast Man

Taking rings gymnastics to another level. This gymnast sculpture is composed of an oversize ring and gymnast conquering it. Sits on white marble base.

Gymnast Man - 22.5(9") Long x 12.5(5") Wide x 63.5cm(25") High

Inside or Outside Art

Climb to the Top

Climb to the Top can be a metaphor for your life or simply just a grand sculpture for your interior. Iron with a black granite base.

Climb to the Top - 86.5(34") Long x 20(8") Wide x 90cm(35.5") High

Inside or Outside Art

Finding Balance

Inside or Outside Art

Climbing Man - table top

Inside or Outside Art

Reaching for Centre - wall panel

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