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Elegant outdoor products from Morsø

Outdoor Living, the outdoor kitchen and outdoor cooking is becoming more and more important for families all over the country. Morsø has developed exclusive outdoor products to serve all social situations. The flames from the ovens create a social and cozy setting for all members of your family. Furthermore, it’s possible to use the Fornos as a smoke oven, bakery oven, BBQ and last but not least to make the best pizzas in the world.

The best outdoor experience for every family member

Morsø’s outdoor products are all specially designed to create the right outdoor setting for you and your family. The products are multifunctional to make sure that you get the best gastronomical and social experience in your own garden.

Elegant outdoor ovens in enameled cast iron

Morsø’s exclusive Forno outdoor ovens are produced in a stylish and functional design to fit into all gardens. The Forno outdoor oven is not only a delight for the eye, but also a multifunctional oven, where you, for instance, may use it as a outdoor pizza oven and bake the crispiest and most delicious pizzas. It makes you think about the best Italian food, where mama cooks with love and warmth. 

Apart from the Forno’s primary function as the outdoor oven for you, who appreciate cooking in beautiful outdoor surroundings, the Forno is also a meeting place for the family, who wants to share a fantastic sunset together after a delicious and satisfying dish, cooked in the Forno. 

The dancing flames from the oven create a cozy sense of warmth and gathering, to create the perfect foundation for an unforgettable evening together with your loved ones.

Find more information about Morsø’s Forno outdoor oven here.

Beautiful Grill Forno in cast iron

The combination of the stylish cast iron and the natural teak tree result in an elegantly designed grill – you cannot find a more beautiful grill elsewhere. Morsø’s Grill Forno is a must for you, who demand more than the usual from a grill. It’s not only a grill – it’s art for your patio. 

The Grill Forno’s grate is specially designed to give you the best grill experience. The surface of the grate is filled with small pores to adsorb the fat in your meat. It ensures that your steaks are cooked to perfection – the steaks will almost melt on your tongue. 

The grill is also ideal for the youngest members of your family, who loves to cook campfire twist bread and marshmallows. The grill is designed for safety, so you safely can let your children experience a real campfire in your own garden. Imagine the enjoyment from your kids, when they grill marshmallows in your garden – it’s the beginning to a memorable evening.  

Find the exclusive Grill Forno from Morsø here.

The outdoor fireplace extends the summer on the patio

Morsø’s outdoor fireplace provides you with the option to extend the use of your patio to the early spring months, but also the cold summer evenings and the emerging fall. The Karmino fireplace not only decorates your patio, but it also creates a cozy atmosphere. The Kamino can be moved to suit your needs, but also to fit the direction of the wind, thus you will not get interrupted by the smoke from the fireplace.

Find the Kamino fireplace in cast iron here.

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