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Hwam Autopilot

HWAM Autopilot 

HWAM stoves include the unique patented Autopilot automatic system which ensures optimum utilisation of the firewood and combustion at all times by automatically regulating the air conveniently and efficiently.

HWAM SmartControl™ (Intelligent Heat System)

HWAM's adavanced, patented and award winning SmartControl operates using small sensors which detect the temperature and oxygen level in the flue.  The sensor sends a message to the processing unit in the airbox.  The airbox then controls how much the three specially designed air vents in the stove are opened or closed during the various phases of combustion.

The user lights the fire as usual and uses an app on their smartphone or tablet to subsequently adjust the room temperature as desired. The stove beeps when it's time to restoke the fire. It all works by means of an integrated air box and a temperature and an oxygen gauge.

SmartControl is available as an factory fitted option on most models in the Hwam range.

The picture shows the original IHS which was supplied with a remote control handset, this has now been replaced by SmartControl and the smartphone/tablet app.

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Hwam Autopilot

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